Tippecanoe School Corporation
Two students on the air using a microphone to share daily events
Teacher and student using numbers on board to solve equations
Student talks on a pretend phone during play time
Student seated at desk working on their Chromebook
Student proudly displays their coloring page
Student is reading out of a book to the teacher
Student pauses from bookwork to smile at the camera
Two students working on coloring their pages


Students are excitedly watching the baseball game smiled for a quick picture in between enjoying their food and cheering.

The 5th grade class went on a field trip to Victory Field to watch the Indians play the Bats. Many school across the state attend the game for Baseball in Education Day.

Eli Capecci stands tall by the front doors after the Buddy Walk with his classmates.

Kindergarten held a Buddy Walk for Downs Syndrome Awareness on Friday, April 29th to Bering awareness and support one of our favorite buddies, Eli Capecci.

Three students hold a boat with materials attached to the bottom used to slow their boat down in water.

4th graders review Science standards in preparation for ILEARN by becoming engineers and solving problems!

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