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3rd Grade Celery Bog Field Trip
Taylor Butcher

3rd Graders at Mayflower Mill Elementary spent the day exploring the Celery Bog on May 16th, 2023. Students in Miss Bohaboy's, Mrs. Long's, Miss Fay's, and Mrs. Briggs' class split into groups to complete three stations throughout the day.

In one station, students participated in an activity with Purdue University Graduate students from the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology. Students created a craft to quiz each other after learning about different types of fungi that can be found in our local environment. The 3rd graders loved getting to test their knowledge in a hands-on activity. Next, they used their knowledge of plant parts from class to dissect different types of flowers and sort each part of the flower into a plate labeled with the specific flower part.

In another station, students explored The Lilly Nature Center, which is a learning center located at the Celery Bog. The staff were welcoming and passionate about explaining the history behind the Celery Bog, and talking about each area inside the Nature Center. Then, students got to dive in and experience each part of it on their own. Students watched birds and squirrels through the observation window, touched bones, honey comb, animal skins, turtle shells-and more, and explored multiple interactive exhibits. It was a blast, and a favorite part for many 3rd graders!

In the final station, 3rd grade students went on a nature walk through the woods with more Purdue University Graduate students. These students are also part of the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology, and had a lot of knowledge to pass onto students during the hike. A little rain didn't stop anyone on this trip! Students were ready to explore the hiking area, rain or shine! Students got to see and touch mushrooms, plants, and flowers. It was a lucky day. Many student groups got to see woodpeckers, squirrels, dragonflies, toads, geese, and even beavers!

Thank you so much to the Celery Bog staff, and the graduate students at Purdue University! 3rd grade LOVED spending their day at the Celery Bog, and you all made it possible. We appreciate you!

A class stands on a dock posing in front of the celery bog. Trees frame the reflective water.