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4th Grade Nibbles Indiana
Taylor Butcher
Student smiles with his IN graham cracker on his plate.

4th Graders have taken Indiana Geography to a new level. Students used snacks to carve out Indiana and make a topographic map of the three regions. First, they made the shape of Indiana by nibbling around a graham cracker. Next they smeared icing on it. As we talked about the impact of glaciers on the land, we added chocolate chips to represent the hills of the Southern Hills and Lowlands, green sprinkles to show the Central Till Plains, and blue sprinkles to show the Lakes and Moraines. 

Here is what 4th graders thought of the project:


What I did was I nibbled the graham cracker to look like Indiana and then I used white icing and spread it with a plastic spoon then I divided it into three's. I used blue sprinkles to represent water, green sprinkles to represent farmland, and chocolate chips to represent hills.  What I learned was that Southern Indiana has hills because the glaciers did not come though Southern Indiana. I also had a fun time too. I liked how we got to eat it after it was really yummy.

Layla, Miss Fay's Class


here are the steps to the nibbling Indiana project.So first you to nibble the shape of Indiana out of graham crackers.Step two you need to ice the graham cracker with white frosting but you do not want any lumps.Step three you put sprinkles on the icing you want blue sprinkles on the top for about one third then you want to put the green sprinkles in the middle and chocolate chips on the bottom. We put blue because that is the lake region of Indiana.We put green sprinkles in the middle because that is the farm land of Indiana.We put chocolate chips at the bottom because the glaciers did not flatten that part of the of Indiana.

Beckett, Mrs. Royer's Class

Students sit around their desks holding their graham cracker IN.

The whole class nibbled indiana and we used icing and blue sprinkles and green sprinkles and chocolate chips.The icing was to help stick the stuff. The green sprinkles were the main land.The blue sprinkles were the water and lakes and moraines. The chocolate chips were the mountains that were untouched by the glaciers.

Evan, Mrs. Butcher's Class

Mrs. Cauble and a student nibbled IN together.