Tippecanoe School Corporation
A More Accessible Recess
Taylor Butcher

The playground at Mayflower has always had mulch flooring. This may seem standard, but to some students, the mulch prohibits them from enjoying a majority of equipment during recess. This Summer, Mayflower chose to relocate the primary playground and took advantage of the move to make it more accessible for all students. Before moving the playground, a wet-poured rubber flooring was laid. This provides a flat, yet soft surface for all kids to enjoy. The playground is surrounded by a new sidewalk all on a level surface. This allows all students mobility throughout the entire playground, blacktop, and gaga pit.

Families are thrilled to see equality reach the playground. The Annins in particular have been advocates for years. “As parents, having an accessible playground for our child is everything. A surface like this one is better for all children, but for a child with a mobility device, it makes all the difference. This brings the concept of least restrictive environment from the classroom to the playground, and we couldn’t be happier about it.” 

This school year will bring a brand new set of smiles, and we are all excited to see them.