Tippecanoe School Corporation
Calling All Secret Agents!
Taylor Butcher

The call went out throughout the First Grade classrooms the night before the 100th day of school. What prompted this call? A sneaky but determined Agent 99 took Zero the Hero in an effort to keep 0s away from allowing the 99th day to turn into the 100th day. Classrooms were turned into Spy Headquarters and agents were recruited to solve this case. The day started with making sure all agents had official clearance to work on this case. Student’s fingerprints were scanned for clearance to enter their classrooms. Once in, they were given an official agent badge with their picture and fingerprint on it. It was time to get to work! Students had multiple missions to complete to solve where the missing hero had been taken. Some of the required work for these missions included, writing their numbers 1-100 using a secret spy pen, counting to 100 by 10s and 5s, working as a team to use cups to build a structure that was strong enough to hold a bowl of pennies and learning about fingerprints. Their fingerprinting skills were then put to work when they were presented with a box of evidence that held plastic bags with cups inside. Students dusted the cups for fingerprints and compared those with their own. Finally, after all missions were complete, the students then had to take all the clues they had been given as they solved a mission and figure out where Zero the Hero had been taken. Black boxes with locks where hidden around each classroom for students to find. Once they found their box they then had to figure out the combinations to unlock their box. Once inside the box they found a letter from Zero the Hero, along with a surprise gift, letting them know what a great job they did solving this case. It was a fun and engaging way to celebrate a 100 days of hard work the students have all put in this year.

A dark classroom has laser lights shooting in various directions with blacklight
In a dark room, a student is writing numbers with a highlighter.