Tippecanoe School Corporation
Classroom Business Enterprise
Taylor Butcher

This year the 2/3 Multiage Class is learning about entrepreneurship via a class business. Classroom Business Enterprise (CBE) stems from programming provided by the Purdue Center for Economic Education. A CBE allows elementary students to have real world experience launching and running a business. Thus far, the 2/3 students have learned about production, specialization, costs, and quality control as they have produced hundreds of Rudolph Candy Grams. Orders have been processed and next the Rudolph Candy Grams will be delivered. Next semester the 2/3 students will learn more about the financial risk of entrepreneurship as they pay back their business loan for production expenses and calculate if they made a profit. If a profit is made, the students will vote to donate part of the proceeds to a charitable organization. CBE also allows for valuable student learning while also having fun. One student quipped, “Candy Grams has been my favorite thing in school!”