Tippecanoe School Corporation
Field Day 2023
Taylor Butcher

Field Day 2023 was enjoyed by all the grade levels at Mayflower Mill. Because of construction, the old field day lay out and format was not possible. This year there were fewer stations, but most of them were new. Parent volunteers ran the games as the teachers led the students from one activity to the next. The grades were separated in to three sessions with 4th and 5th graders starting the day off at 9:30. Selected 5th graders came out to help Kindergarten and 1st grade participate after lunch. 2nd and 3rd grade finished the day. All students were able to try two obstacle courses (one inflatable and one on the ground) and Flag Football Tag. Students from grades 2-5 also played the games Indiana Jones, Steal the Bacon and Soccer. Grades K-1 tried out Centipede Race and Flip the Hoop. Everyone seemed to enjoy the new games and format. Mrs. Bohaboy said "The activities were so much fun and there wasn't a dull moment!"

Students on a softball field push a giant striped ball to each other.