Tippecanoe School Corporation
Field Trip with Sprinkles
Taylor Butcher

Last week, 3rd grade students went on a field trip to the Tippecanoe Battlefield! When told there were going to be sprinkles, there was minor disappointment that it meant rain instead of colorful sugar toppings. However, students had a blast exploring everything the Battlefield had to offer! The first rotation was a fan favorite; students walked a trail through the woods then came back and explored the creek! Many students mentioned never being outdoors like this, so it was a completely new experience for them. There wasn't a single frown from a single kid (even when some accidentally got their whole bodies in the creek). Our second rotation consisted of students walking around the museum where they learned about important events surrounding the Battle of Tippecanoe. For the third rotation students played a game in the open field and checked out the huge monument commemorating the battle.

Despite the rain (and lack of actual sprinkles) students had an amazing time on this trip. We can't wait to go back next year!