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Grinders share the giving spirit
Sue Scott

Students and staff at Mayflower Mill Elementary School are giving back to the community during the holidays by conducting a donation drive to benefit school families. Students brought in toiletry and grocery items, as well as socks, hats and scarves. In total, the school collected more than 3,300 items that were donated to 25 families. 

While the classes competed against one another, students, like fifth grader Sophie Faust, understood it was not all about winning: "When I'm donating, I feel like I can see the families with their donations smiling at me. Who cares who wins? We are helping anyone and everyone."

Classmate Lilly Harris agrees:  "I feel special when I donate, and I feel like I'm making a difference. Donating is important because it helps people get things they need but don't have yet."

Student council sponsor Taylor Butcher says delivering donations to our own Mayflower families adds a whole new element of community. “We are a school with many high needs. Combine that with the pandemic, and this year has been especially hard on our families,” says Butcher. “I hope our students learn how good it feels to help others, and I hope they are able to appreciate and be inspired by the needs right here at our own school."

student council at Mayflower Mill