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Harry Potter Day!
Taylor Butcher
The class makes silly faces while holding their Hogwarts acceptance letters.

Everyone got accepted into Hogwarts!

In Miss Fay's 4th grade class, one of the books we read together as a class was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. While reading, students completed a comprehension packet for each chapter and also made connections to the story by sharing their own experiences related to the experiences of the book characters. When we finished the book, we had a Harry Potter party! Classroom 21 turned into Classroom 9 3/4! First, they all got accepted into Hogwarts by opening their personalized Hogwarts letters. Then, they got sorted into their Hogwarts houses, found golden snitches around the classroom, played Harry Potter bingo, did some Muggle Studies (feel what's in the box), tried some Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans (I got earthworm and booger...yuck!), and played I Spy! To finish up, we watched the movie and compared it to the book while eating Harry Potter themed treats! It was definitely a magical time!

Snacks sit on a table with Harry Potter labels.

Harry Potter treats! The unicorn poop was a big hit!

A classroom doorway has a brick screen to walk through. Welcome wizards signs along the edges.
Some of the things felt in Muggle Studies was obviously a little...squishy

Welcome to Classroom 9 3/4!