Tippecanoe School Corporation
Miss Fay's Chocolate Factory
Taylor Butcher

In Miss Fay's 3rd grade class, we participated in a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory room transformation! During the last few weeks of school, we read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. For each chapter, we would go over vocabulary words and define them, give opinions on topics related to the chapter, and answer comprehension questions using text evidence. Throughout the book, we would compare and contrast book characters, talk about problems and solutions, list character traits, and make connections from the book to our own lives. I found students saying “one more chapter?!” even when given free time after. During the room transformation, we opened Wonka bars to receive a Golden Ticket, participated in STEM activities, ate themed snacks, created our own dream candy, and watched the movie. What a sweet way to learn!

A classroom door is covered by streamers and a read carpet. The bulletin board has a Wonka factory entrance image.
A bulletin board in the classroom has candy shaped balloons attached. The table in front of it has candy bowls.
A child sits to the right with a word search, cookie, and golden ticket on the table to the left.
Two sit at a table excavating chocolate chips out of their cookies.