Tippecanoe School Corporation
Super Learning on the 100th Day of School
Taylor Butcher

The evil Dr. Double Digits was defeated by Zero the Hero, with the help of Kindergarten students to save them from being stuck in the double digits forever! Students put on their super hero capes and completed challenges receiving 10 points each time. Once they reached 100, they saved the day. Each challenge contained a learning component for the day. Students were soaring all day as they learned and were engaged in true hero fashion.

The adventure unfolded as the students engaged in a series of ten challenges, each designed to earn them valuable points in their mission to reach a grand total of 100. The challenges showcased the students' superhero abilities across various academic domains.

One of the challenges involved super hearing during phonics, where the students honed their listening skills to distinguish and identify different sounds. Working together, they unlocked the first set of points in their quest.

The young heroes demonstrated their mathematical prowess by creating a shield adorned with a ten-frame. This shield not only served as protection against Dr. Double Digits but also provided a visual representation of the points earned throughout the day, reinforcing their understanding of counting in groups of ten.

The next challenge proved to be both delicious and educational, as the students counted and sorted snacks into groups of ten, amassing a total of 100 pieces. This tasty task not only satisfied their appetites but also contributed significantly to their point tally.

Throughout the day, the kindergartners tackled various challenges, each one enhancing their skills and bringing them closer to the ultimate goal of defeating Dr. Double Digits. From crafting to engaging in physical activities involving counting by tens, every task contributed to the overall success of the mission. As the final challenge was conquered, and the points tallied up to a triumphant 100, the students stood united with Zero the Hero, ready to face Dr. Double Digits. With their newfound knowledge and superhero abilities, the young scholars successfully vanquished the villain, ensuring that the world would continue to embrace the number 100.

This memorable day not only marked the 100th day of school but also showcased the incredible growth and achievements of these kindergarten superheroes. Through a blend of creativity, teamwork, and academic excellence, they celebrated not just a numerical milestone but a day filled with exciting challenges and triumphant victories. As the students reflect on their heroic journey, they carry with them the invaluable lessons learned on the 100th day of school, forever etched in their memories as a day of academic adventure and superhero triumph.

A class of students wearing capes and superhero costumes stand in a group photo.