Tippecanoe School Corporation
Taking Care of Our Own
Taylor Butcher


Mayflower Mill’s student council runs an annual food drive that brings in a lot of food to donate to a local food pantry. This year, the student council decided to switch it up. Over 50% of Mayflower families receive free or reduced lunch. The students in student council couldn’t see us giving food away when families at the Mill could use the help. 

This year the student council collected items to give to our own community. Instead of just food, the student council extended donations to socks, winter gear, toiletries, canned foods, and boxed foods. The Mill spent one week enjoying the giving spirit by combining spirit dress up days and themed donations. By Friday, the students had their work cut out for them with over 3,200 donations to sort and organize for families that asked to receive donations. After hours of organization and help from parents, staff members divided up to deliver the donations to families’ doorsteps where they were greeted with tears and gratitude. 5th grade student council member, Miley Tribby, felt just as amazing having helped. “Donating made me feel really good inside knowing that I was helping kids and their families who I go to school with everyday! Knowing that we were helping out our own is pretty darn cool!” she said. 

The buzz and excitement is apparent in the air at The Mill. There is talk of how next year will look, ways to improve, and many more volunteers excited to get involved next year.

Separating the types of toiletries and winter gear to assure everyone gets a little of everything.
Kids bring donations to the library to sort.
Student Council sorts cans, boxed goods, and socks.