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"There are natural resources stuck to my pants!"
Taylor Butcher
Three kids give thumbs up around their wigwam.

Learning about Native Americans was extra fun this year. 4th grade students went on a short hike in the woods behind the school to gather natural resources to build wigwams, teepees, and longhouses. Students learned about natural resources and how to manipulate them to be able to survive. The kids had a blast! One student recalled the vocabulary exclaiming, "There are natural resources stuck to my pants!"

Here is how the project went from the kids' perspective:

Three students smile around their wigwam.

We went into the woods to find natural resources to build wigwams and teepees and longhouses.A wigwam is a house where they live all the time. a wigwam was made out of hay,grass,wood and mud and levas. They used animal skin as their door. A teepee is a place for camping and hunting animals; a long house was for living in  the winter and doing meetings.

Evan, Mrs. Butcher's Class

Two students smile behind their wigwam.

This is what we did when we learned about native americans. We learned about how they survived. They ate rabbits and deer they grew beans, pumpkins and  more. 

They built homes out of dirt and grass and they used them for shelter . We went outside and built small shelters we went to the woods to get our materials we used moss, grass, twigs,bark, rocks and leaves.

Aubri, Mrs. Royer's Class

Two students sit against a fence with their wigwam between them. One students stands over them hanging on the fence.

I  made a mess and I made mud and I made the foundation.And I learned a lot about the Mississippians . like how they ate corn deer and turkey and when we  made wigwams.that mud holds pretty well and that i love working with my friends . and my favorite part was building the Wigwamsand looking for the supplies

Alayna, Mrs. Royer's Class

A miniature wigwam made of bark.

When I was building Wigwams the first thing I did was write down the things I needed to build my wigwam. Next I wrote down sticks,leaves and grass. Then I found the pieces and built it in the woods by the school. I learned that it's harder than it looks to make a wigwam. I also learned that you need to work together when you're doing something hard. Building wigwams was fun because I got to be with my friends and got to go outside.

Nash, Miss Fay's Class

Two students begin building their wigwam.