Tippecanoe School Corporation
Young Hoosier Book Celebration
Taylor Butcher

Here in the Mayflower Mill library, we highlight the Young Hoosier book list. 4th and 5th graders have the opportunity to read and pass ten Young Hoosier Accelerated Reader tests, or a test alternatives. All those who reach this goal are invited to celebrate with a pizza party in the library! 23 Grinders reached this goal and celebrated together on Monday, May 13. Students could track how many books they had read with a pizza slice display in the library. They would earn a pizza slice for each Young Hoosier book they read, and once they filled an entire pizza, they knew they had earned the pizza party. Mrs. Budreau and Mrs. Annin are proud of all the students for their reading accomplishments! Way to go!

Students surround tables with yellow paper table cloths eating pizza.