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Parade highlights community helpers
Sue Scott

A tractor, a cement truck, police cars and other vehicles rolled by Mayflower Mill Elementary School and neighborhoods of online students as part of a lesson on community helpers. Sirens blared and horns blew stirring excitement among the kindergarten students who watched the parade from the front of the school. Virtual students waved from their yards as the parade continued by their homes.

“Usually we have those vehicles and community helpers come to school to visit so students can learn more about them,” says teacher Sunshine Waber. “That wasn’t a possibility this year because we are not allowed to have visitors in the building. So, we organized this event so that my virtual class and the in-person kindergarten classes could see these vehicles.”

Waber says students in grades four and five in hybrid classrooms boarded a bus and participated in the parade.  “This was a great opportunity for the students to see each other since they are not in class together,” says Waber. “My hope is that we make a connection to those learners that are learning from home to Mayflower in a positive and safe way. We love all our students and we want to show them they are loved and part of our school.”

The lesson gave kindergarten students an opportunity to identify community helpers, their roles and what they look like in their vehicles whether it's a big red trash truck or a brightly-colored police car.

students cheer as a cement truck rolls by
student dressed as fire chief
students dressed as a doctor and police officer