Tippecanoe School Corporation
SIA grant to inspire musicians
Sue Scott

Students at two schools will be moving to the beat of some special drums next school year, thanks to a grant from the SIA Foundation. Music teacher Maria Ziegman received a $5,301 grant to purchase world music drums for classes at Mayflower Mill Elementary School and Battle Ground Intermediate School.

Students will develop a solid foundation of music theory and apply what they learn using the drumming ensembles. Ziegman says drumming ensembles not only are a therapeutic way of relieving stress, but also develop a strong sense of teamwork and collaboration.

“I am really hoping next year that learning to be part of a drumming ensemble will help develop teamwork and new appreciation and love of music,” says Ziegman. “Learning to put together multiple parts to create music is a new challenge which is very rewarding when accomplished. As we introduce new world music instruments, students will also be developing an understanding of the cultures of their origin.”

Sarah May from SIA, teacher Maria Ziegman and Mayflower Mill Elementary School Principal Shannon Cauble