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TSC students harvest fun despite field trip restrictions
Sue Scott

First grade students at Mayflower Mill didn’t have to travel far to enjoy a field trip to a pumpkin patch. Since the students cannot go on field trips, Exploration Acres brought the field trip to the students.

Groups of students moved from one station to another to enjoy a petting zoo, hay ride, fall-themed carnival games and more.

First grade teacher Josie Geisler says it was exciting to watch the students have an opportunity to experience new things, including petting a duck for the first time. “The majority of our students had never been that close to chickens and ducks before,” says Geisler. “The children were fascinated by their behaviors, the different breeds and how they felt when they pet them.”
Each student picked a pumpkin out of the patch to take home. “Students also took away the fact that we can have fun experiences here at our school. We don't need to go on a field trip to learn about different things and have a fun time;we can do it in our own backyard,” adds Geisler.

Students gather to learn about chickens and ducks
student holds pumpkin
student petting a duck