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Purdue basketball players talk man-to-man at Mayflower
Purdue basketball players talk man-to-man at Mayflower

"Don't waste a mistake — learn from it." That was one of the messages members of the Purdue Men's Basketball team shared with students at Mayflower Mill Elementary School. Students in the Gentlemen's Leadership Group have been meeting throughout the year to learn more about good sportsmanship, leadership, proper etiquette and respect. Several basketball team members met with the students to encourage them to work hard, set goals and do the right thing.

The students wore their leadership shirts with a word that demonstrates good character, like courage, perseverance and kindness. The players responded by sharing their character word and what it meant to them, such as unity, integrity and humility.

The players encouraged the students to do their best and to maintain a positive support system to help them reach their goals.

Fifth-grade student Amanti Dismukes says he learned a lot from the team's visit. "When things are hard, you have to stay positive and persevere through the day," says Amanti. "Also you have to have a backup plan, in case you don't get to be a basketball player. My backup plan is to own a gas station."

"They were really nice and friendly and they were inspiring to me," says Amontay Williams. "They talked about how when they were kids they got in trouble sometimes, too. They learned from their mistakes and set goals, and now they have come a long way."